• Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

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UDR Drill Rigs Relaunched in Australia by Drillman

May 17, 2022

Drillman has recently announced the relaunch of the UDR brand of drilling rigs, with the first UDR1200 HC recently being completed at their facility in Caboolture, Queensland and delivered to Top Drive – a Western Australian drilling contractor.

“This is a milestone achievement for Drillman to take the UDR brand and relaunch it by manufacturing it back here in Australia again” said Harry Mostert, CEO of M-Group Co – Drillman’s parent company.

This brand of drills was originally designed and owned by an Australian Company, UDR Group, which was acquired by Swedish company Sandvik in 2006. During this period the drills were marketed under the Sandvik brand. In 2020, Drillman acquired the exploration business of Sandvik and now the UDR1200 HC, formally known as Sandvik DE880, which is a high-capacity multipurpose drill rig, is back home and on the market under its original brand.

Mostert explained that “the UDR brand was renowned for its quality and reliability, so the decision to relaunch the brand was a simple decision. Our focus has always been our customers and it starts by having conversations to better understand their needs. When we asked, loyal Sandvik customers unanimously agreed: the UDR brand should make a return”.

This new addition to Drillman’s already diverse manufacturing capabilities is expected to create an additional 15 new jobs here in Australia and approximately 2000 hours of labour to complete every UDR rig ordered.

Maintaining the exact standards set by Sandvik in addition to Drillman’s innovations by their team of designers and engineers, customers can now place orders for the UDR rigs and expect delivery in as little as 3 months. With global supply shortages currently causing significant dilemmas for many importers, this is yet another example of how local manufacturers are continuing to remain competitive and lead the way with innovation in their industry.

• Drillman is 100% Australian owned & operated and is a subsidiary of M Group Co, which is a group of entities providing end to end solutions for clients working in the construction, mining, and infrastructure sectors.
• Drillman was established 2013 after recognising a gap in the drilling industry for customised manufacturing & servicing of drilling equipment.
• In 2020, Drillman acquired the global exploration business from Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology, which has provided them with the capability to provide an even greater value-added service to a global client base. The deal included exploration rigs, consumables and production stock, along with selected trademarks and patents.