• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

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Shell GameChanger supports CRA Tubulars’ novel corrosion free materials for CO2 injection.

May 30, 2022

CRA Tubulars B.V., a new technology company based in the Netherlands, is now part of Shell GameChanger Programme. CRA Tubulars B.V.’s proposal was shortlisted from the submissions that were sent to the Well Technologies Call for Solutions for Storage of CO2 or H2 in Geoformations. And it was ultimately selected by a panel of Shell technology experts and GameChangers for funding. As a result, CRA Tubulars B.V. has signed a collaboration agreement under which it will receive advice and funding to validate and qualify the application of its technology. Titanium lined Composite Tubulars (TCT) and Premium Hydraulic Concentric Connection (PHHC) technology for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) well applications. A six-month testing and certification programme has been kicked off to ensure industry standard (API) qualification as a key step towards field deployment.

CRA Tubulars uniquely uses aerospace certified materials to achieve superior high-pressure performance corrosion resistance under extreme downhole conditions. TCT is uniquely qualified for such applications as it can manage the low temperature swings. Further benefits include light weight and optimum flow performance. An efficient use of high quality, yet widely available materials, delivers a unique and cost-effective, full well lifecycle alternative to conventional materials. Qualification testing on the patented technology of 3.5″ TCT pipe and PHHC connection will be completed in accordance with API 5C5 Fourth Edition, Jan 2017 CAL II test requirements to 5,000 Psi, and additional Series B testing to -35 degrees C. Prototype testing has shown potential up to 18,000Psi burst and 240,000lbs tensile strength at temperatures as low as -54 degrees C.

Founder Emile Burnaby-Lautier, and Joost de Bakker, CEO of CRA Tubulars said: ’We are excited about our partnership with Shell GameChanger. We want to show that our vision to win the fight against corrosion, can actually deliver a step change in technical and economic performance in the energy sector. By repurposing superior components and materials with recorded operating performance from the different industry sectors, CRA Tubulars has delivered a corrosion resistant alternative completion tubing that is corrosion free, light weight, reusable, stronger, whilst adhering to industry dimensions.’

Veronica Simmonds, Commercial Partnerships Manager at Shell GameChanger said:’ The Shell GameChanger programme is the ideal platform to accelerate the qualification and certification of technologies. In particular technologies that offer our organisation and the industry reliable and cost-effective innovation and contribute to the transition to an affordable and reliable low carbon energy system. And CRA tubulars B.V. with their TCT technology is part of it.’