• Sat. Aug 20th, 2022

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PVTrans receives and puts 2 new chemical tankers into operation, anticipating economic recovery after Covid-19

Apr 10, 2022
Continuing to implement the long-term strategy of fleet development and rejuvenation, in March 2022, two member units of Petrovietnam Transportation Corporation (PVTrans) received 2 more new oil/ chemical tankers.

On 17th March 2022, Thang Long Maritime Joint Stock Company (Thang Long Maritime) – a member unit of PVTrans successfully received investment in PVT ESTELLA tanker.

PVT ESTELLA is a type of oil/chemical tanker built in 2010 in Korea with a tonnage of 13,102 MT, maximum length of 121.01 m, a width of 20.40 m, a draft of 11.8 m, with good and modern technical conditions.


On 22nd March 2022, another member of PVTrans, Phuong Dong Viet Oil Transport Joint Stock Company (PVTrans Oil) held a ceremony to receive the WAWSAN RUBY chemical tanker from Japanese partners at the port of Singapore. It is the second tanker invested by PVTrans in the form of Bare Boat Hire Purchase (BBHP). Immediately after receiving, PVTrans Oil completed the procedures, renamed the tanker PVT FLORA.

PVT FLORA is an oil/chemical tanker, IMO II built in 2010 in Japan with a tonnage of 19,957 DWT, a length of 145.53 m, a width of 23.7 m, a draft of 13,355 m, with good and modern technical conditions.

PVT FLORA tanker

Immediately after receiving the handover, two member units – PVTrans Oil and Thang Long Maritime put the tanker into operation in the international market, through the successful signature of an agreement to join the Womar Tanker Pools – one of the largest chemical tanker operators in the world. To participate in activities in this pool, PVTrans’s transport companies and tankers must undergo a rigorous inspection and assessment and must meet the rigorous standards of the pool as well as the terminals, Oil Majors in terms of tanker technical management and crew quality in maintaining SIRE/CDI on the OCIMF system.

PVTrans and PVTrans Oil perform closing handover of PVT FLORA tanker

The receipt and operation of PVT FLORA and PVT ESTELLA tankers is part of PVTrans’s strategy for continuing to rejuvenate and expand the fleet size, and well prepare resources to catch the recovery wave of the transport market as the global demand for transportation, production and business increases in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic being gradually under control.

Up to the present time, PVTrans continues holding the position as the number 1 shipping company in Vietnam, owning the largest liquid cargo fleet in Vietnam, with a wide range of products from crude oil tankers, oil/chemical tankers, LPG and bulk carriers, with a total tonnage of over 1.07 million DWT. The increasingly improved scale and quality of assets will bring competitive advantages to meet the needs of stable and sustainable development in the near future. In addition to maintaining the domestic transportation market, PVTrans has strongly developed into the international market with more than 80% of the fleet operating in many regions around the world from Asia-Pacific, the Central East to West Africa, in various forms of operation such as voyage, time and bareboat charter. At the same time, PVTrans is gradually conquering transport markets with strict requirements and higher standards such as Europe and North America.

Ceremony to receive PVT FLORA

With a methodical vision, business and investment strategy, PVTrans has achieved impressive results over the years. In the context of difficult market with many potential risks due to the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian political conflict, oil price fluctuations and the Covid-19 epidemic, receiving 2 new tankers into PVTrans family is meaningful in continuing the orientation of sustainable development and towards the 20th anniversary of establishment and development of the Corporation.