• Sat. Aug 20th, 2022

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Pickles Oil & Gas partner with DIGATEX to use Inventory Hub to deliver a circular sustainable marketplace that reduces waste

Apr 27, 2022

Pickles Oil & Gas has entered into an agreement with DIGATEX to use Inventory Hub to fulfil transactions between operators; providing purchasing efficiency, transparency, and an arm’s length auditable process.

DIGATEX’s Inventory Hub is a portal for Oil & Gas operators to share their inventory.  The Inventory Hub arose from the top five Oil & Gas operators in Australia creating a joint initiative to share spare parts.  With similar assets and common suppliers, significant capital savings are achieved by pooling common spare parts whilst at the same time providing positive sustainability outcomes.

The Inventory Hub revolutionises the reuse and redeployment of surplus materials to a whole new level as well as preventing downtime by sharing parts in a timely manner.

As a global marketplace for buying and selling oil and gas equipment, Pickles Oil & Gas vertical lead, Stephen Amy, said Pickles has the structure and processes already in place to facilitate seamless transactions.

“Pickles Oil & Gas is delighted to be a partner on this transformative Inventory Hub.  It brings more than just dollar savings as the sustainability and reuse approach benefits all parties, including shareholders via the ESG process and importantly the environment benefits through waste minimisation,” says Amy.

The Inventory Hub de-risks downtime of the operator’s facilities by sharing parts in a timely manner, as well as delivering significant capital savings.

DIGATEX’s Director, Richard Beck says:  “Engaging with Pickles provides operators with the ability to easily complete a transaction without the need to create trading agreements with all our Inventory Hub subscribers, just with Pickles.  This is a really exciting value add to the eco system.”