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Giulia Pedretti’s on Forbes’ prestigious 30 Under 30 Europe 2022

May 16, 2022

It has been announced that Italian businessperson, Miss Giulia Pedretti, Owner and Director of Arteak Ltd, has been included in the ‘30 Under 30 – Europe 2022’ list of young entrepreneurs by the prestigious economic magazine Forbes as the face of the Manufacturing & Industry sector.

To receive acknowledgement for years of hard work and innovation within the crucial safety at work is an achievement that is met with both appreciation and satisfaction.

For Giulia Pedretti, 26, owner and director of Arteak, this recognition comes at a very important time for her company.  With its headquarters based in London and branches all over the world, the services provided has attracted clients such as the oil giant Shell PLC, the Italian energy producers A2A, Saipem, CSTS, the Indonesian  Joint Operation composed by Chiyoda, Saipem, Tripatra and Sae which is building a LNG plant on behalf of BP in West Papua and the Spanish construction firm IDESA.

Born in Brescia, Giulia decided to move to London at the age of 19 to pursue a three-year degree in Global Business Administration with a focus on Global Business Management at the prestigious Regent’s University in London.

From that moment her life has been divided between the capital of the United Kingdom, her home city of Brescia as well as the various countries her company operates in turn giving life to Arteak, a company with over 80 employees from 19 different countries where 14 languages are spoken. Specializing in consultancy and training in occupational health and safety with operational services for the oil and gas, construction, shipbuilding, energy, transport, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

“I wasn’t expecting this recognition” – these are Giulia’s first words upon hearing the news from Forbes. “But it is incredible to have been included in this prestigious list and even more so to have come first in the Manufacturing & Industry category. All this gives me the opportunity to talk of and raise awareness about the importance of Safety and risk management, for it is an activity at the core of our business that we deal with every day. Ensuring the safest possible work environment is the basis of our business aim which permeates our entire corporate culture which always leads us to focus our efforts on a single goal: supporting our clients in pursuing GOAL ZERO (zero fatalities)”.

There are many strengths that have led Arteak to be a leader in its field, but what characterizes and distinguishes the company is the strong culture of risk prevention adopted. Stemming from the high competence of the staff, all of whom are experts in their field who possess both the highest academic qualifications combined with immense practical experience in the field, but above all seem possess the humanity to be able to communicate safety principles to their clients workforce.

A great commitment is placed on the enhancement of the local workforce.

One of the factors of the company’s success is its being a young and flexible company, capable above all of adapting to every client need quickly.  The companies team of professionals are always prepared to react at short notice to review the clients safety requirements and provide solutions anywhere and at any time. However, Arteak is keen not to only enhance and improve on safety management services but is also leading the market with innovating new and unique ways to provide its services to their clients as Giulia explains:

“I think that one of the most important things that sets us apart is the digitalization of services – explains the young entrepreneur – companies that do this type of activity exist, but companies that combine innovation and flexibility with this type of service are not there. I think this was one of the key factors that led us to obtain such an important recognition. We are always focused on growth and continuous improvement of the services we offer, thanks to research, development and digitalization.”

The flagship of the company, born during the period of the pandemic, is the service offered on demand for customers around the world. Arteak technicians are accustomed to moving to every corner of the globe, even in the most distant or hard to reach places, but unfortunately the pandemic brought restrictions of all kinds. Instead of blocking every activity, the company has developed SMART, a project that uses augmented reality and allows to bring its services in every corner of the world, from the office to the work field and vice versa.

Remotely, the Arteak technician can give real-time directions to those on site. The development and adoption of this technology allows us to send images, videos, reports in real time and talk directly with the customer or the security manager of that particular work site: “The SMART project: Service Management Augmented Reality Technology helped us a lot during the pandemic to be able to continue to operate and above all maintain high safety standards, and now it is very useful to us to increase the level of our services.”

At the base of all this work in Arteak there is only one goal: safety, working to make sure that there are no accidents or deaths at work, a very sensitive issue.

Arteak is currently operating in 21 countries around the world and has branches in Italy, the Philippines, South Africa, Singapore and Pakistan. A source of great pride is that in recent years, in all the contexts where he had the opportunity to bring his work, whether in the form of consulting, training or supply of specialized personnel, has not recorded any fatal accident.

“The goal that has always guided us, ever since the company was founded, is to have zero fatal accidents at work”