• Sat. Aug 20th, 2022

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EM&I’s Revolutionary ROV’s

Feb 19, 2022

EM&I – the international asset integrity specialists – has taken high performance ROVs and made them even better.

Working in high swell and high current conditions found typically offshore Brazil and West Africa showed that even though standard ROVs performed better than divers, there were improvements to be made to increase uptime in extreme weather conditions.

Improved power delivery systems increase these ROV capability to work in stronger currents and new launch and retrieve methods improve the ability to punch through the swell and get below the splash zone.

Power stability systems with emergency backup helps reliability and independence from platform supplies while the patented EM&I IGLOO system provides shelter and hot work environment where needed.

EM&I have given their specialist integrity class ROVs names such as IARA (pronounced YARA) after a Brazilian sea goddess, and CALYPSO after the highly versatile West Indian song cycle. More specialist ROVs are in the pipeline as the demand for EM&I’s ODIN© diverless inspection & repair technology increases.

The ODIN technology was developed as result of the JIP (Joint Industry Project) for HITS (Hull Inspection Techniques & Strategy) has now been used successfully on hundreds of offshore assets over the last 8 years.

“After extensive trials on and  offshore we are pleased with the high performance of our ROVs but are further investing in the future to improve performance, application and reliability which will enable us to carry out subsea services, safer, faster, more economically and greener than traditional methods” commented Danny Constantinis (Executive Chairman & CEO) of the EM&I Group.