• Sat. Aug 20th, 2022

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EM&I’s ‘ANALYSE™’ Digital Technology Granted UK Patent

Mar 11, 2022

EM&I have been granted a UK patent for their ANALYSE™ programme, a technology that uses statistical analysis of UTM (Ultrasound Thickness Measurement) data set to calculate the probable minimum thickness of a corrosion circuit and checks if it would break any alarm levels.

ANALYSE improves on traditional RBI methods and delivers reduced inspection scopes, costs and POB by over 50% with consequent reductions in carbon emissions.

ANALYSE was developed with the leading London University for Science & Technology as an alternative to RBI (Risk Based Inspection) which relies on estimating  wall thickness loss using ultrasonic thickness measurements (UTM).

This  ‘traditional’ approach is ineffective as evidenced by continuing loss of containment failures even though numerous readings are taken.

ANALYSE overcomes these limitations and needs far fewer readings to determine and avoid loss of containment.

Subsequently, inspection costs are significantly reduced, with improved safety and reduced carbon emissions through reduced POB (Persons on Board).

More resources can then be allocated to additional inspection, repair, and maintenance activities as required.

ANALYSE improves integrity assurance through the introduction of quantified confidence levels of the minimum probable thickness relative to wall thickness limits.

Danny Constantinis (Executive Chairman) of the EM&I Group – the international asset integrity specialists – commented: “Receiving a UK patent for ANALYSE is excellent news and shows that EM&I is leading the way with our innovative technology.”