• Sat. Aug 20th, 2022

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EM&I Present Paper At Prestigious Subsea Expo Conference

Feb 26, 2022

EM&I – the international asset integrity specialists – presented a paper on their latest subsea asset integrity technologies at the recent prestigious Subsea Expo conference which created considerable interest from delegates.

As leaders of the JIP (Joint Industry Project) for HITS (Hull Inspection Techniques & Strategy) on behalf of the global FPSO Research Forum, they have led the way in diverless and robotic technologies to reduce risk and improve safety in the AIM (asset Integrity Management) industry.

Their ODIN© diverless UWILD (Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking) technology has been proved on hundreds of offshore assets over the last 7 years and has become the ‘new norm’ for hull inspections and repairs, including the new LIMPET™ motorised wire guided blanking plates to seal seachests, so that shipside valves can be inspected and repaired or replaced as required.

Their NoMan© remote camera and synchronous laser scanning technology has also proved to be a hit with offshore operators, as these enable inspections to take place without manned entry into tanks or confined spaces in a fraction of the time and cost usually required using traditional methods.

“Robotics is the key to improving safety & efficiency” according to Danny Constantinis (Executive Chairman & CEO) of the EM&I Group. “We let robots do all the dangerous work and keep our own staff safe. We can also provide relevant information in real time to clients and classification society surveyor’s onshore teams if required. This helps to minimise POB (Persons on Board) and reduce the number of helicopter trips and accommodation required” he concluded.