• Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

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Collaboration with Uniper on LNG and Clean Ammonia transactions from the United States

Sep 5, 2022

JERA, through its wholly owned subsidiary JERA Americas Inc., has entered into memorandums of understanding (the “MOU”) with Uniper Global Commodities S.E. and Uniper Global Commodities North America L.L.C. on procurement and sale of LNG, and clean ammonia from the United States.

The MOU on the procurement and sale of LNG is aimed at improving the stability of energy supply in both Japan and Germany, through cooperation between the two companies, which is an important issue at present.

JERA and Uniper are considering jointly optimization of their respective LNG portfolios for supply to Japan and Germany and improvement of them for enhancement of the long-term stable supply.

Based on the MOU of the U.S. clean ammonia procurement and sale, the two companies from Japan and Germany which have potential sizable demand for clean ammonia are collaborating to facilitate large-scale clean ammonia production projects in the US to address the global challenge of decarbonization.

JERA, with its partner ConocoPhillips, are considering development of projects on the US Gulf Coast to produce hydrogen and convert it into clean ammonia to be supplied to JERA and Uniper, with the aim of increasing ammonia supply for use in Europe, and in the future, in Japan, and greater Asia.  

JERA will contribute to providing solutions through the stable procurement of LNG to energy security issues in short- and medium-term and actively work on advancement of energy decarbonization in medium- to long-term.

Image credit Uniper in North America