• Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

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Cenergy Solutions Groundbreaking Biogas Cleaning, Storage and Utilization Technology Changes the Way Energy can be Delivered Worldwide, Significantly Reducing Fossil Fuel Usage

Sep 20, 2022

Cenergy Solutions is now inexpensively cleaning biogas to be utilized in their Adsorbed Biogas vehicles. These green vehicles deliver clean biogas stored in Adsorbed BioGas (ABG) tanks to replace residential and commercial LPG usage in Thailand villages and resturants.  

Gary Fanger, CEO of Cenergy Solutions said, “I have personally witnessed the venting of biogas from farm biogas digesters in several countries in the Americas and in Asia. These biogas digesters are used to make fertilizer and reduce the smell of animal and human waste but in most cases they vent most of the biogas they make into the atmosphere. You multiply this methane venting by 10s of millions of digesters around the world and you are not only wasting energy that can replace fossil fuels you are sending large amounts of methane into the atmosphere. Cenergy Solutions has made several novel breakthroughs that allow this wasted biogas to be utilized in vehicles, generators, cooking appliances and boilers. Cenergy’s cleaning and adsorbent technology will change the way energy is stored, transported and utilized in communites that now utilize expensive and harmful fossil fuels.”

Countries around the world primarily utilize wood burning or LPG for cooking even though they make or have the ability to make biogas from animal, human, food and plant waste. The utilization of biogas by these communities has not been done because it is to expensive to clean, store and transport the biogas. Cenergy Solutions’ patented adsorbed technology allows this biogas to be inexpensively and efficiently utilized. Cenergy Solutions has now commercialized their proprietary biogas cleaning and biogas storage systems to be economically utilized throughout the world. This conversion to biogas will save lives by reducing the harmful wood burning and fossil fuel emissions in homes and businesses.

Family Utilizing Biogas to Replace Fossil Fuel

Adsorbed Natural Gas, known as ANG techology utilizes adsorbents to store methane molecules at high densities and at lower pressures than high pressure CNG tanks. This allows ANG tanks to be filled at low pressures, reducing the cost of high pressure compression and the danger of storing natural or biogas at high pressures in CNG tanks. Cenergy Solutions’ patented systems are now replacing fossil fuels with inexpensive and clean biogas.

Top image caption: Fueling Three Wheel Vehicle with Biogas